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A Canvas for Every Occasion

Painting parties are the perfect experience for all kinds of special occasions:

  • birthday party
  • bachelorette bash
  • baby shower
  • Christmas party
  • girls’ night out
  • graduation party
  • casual get-together
  • gender reveal
  • school breaks
  • Easter party
  • yes-day activity
  • end of the school year
  • grandparents visiting
  • and quite honestly, any other occasion!

Book Your Private Party

To book a private party, you need minimum 8 participants.

We provide all the necessary painting supplies, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are provided. You can bring additional food and drink if you wish, just please let us know beforehand so we can prepare.

Everyone leaves with a unique artwork they painted during the event.

Our Parties

group of painters cheering with wine

Paint Party Palooza

Gather your crew and host an unforgettable private-painting experience and artistic bonding that will have everyone talking for months!

Choose from a range of themes from our Gallery, or request a customised painting to fit your party’s vibe.


1-8 painters: 4000kr. This is the minimum spend.

Additional painters: 500kr per person.

Children’s Parties

Paint Party Malmö welcomes little artists from 6-13 years old and their parent or guardian to a 2-hour painting event.

Choose your painting theme and join us for a celebration full of laughter and artistic expression – a party your child will cherish forever!


1-8 painters: 2000kr. This is the minimum spend.

Additional painters: 250kr per child.

group of children painting