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Hey there! I’m Mica, the creative soul behind

A decade ago I embarked on a journey to the Caribbean, chasing the sun and Latin vibes. Amidst the tropical beauty, I rediscovered my love for painting – turning a childhood hobby into a calling. From creating vibrant murals to painting eye-catching signage in cozy bars and bustling hotels, I found my passion and was inspired to bring the joy of painting to my home, and the beautiful people of Malmö.

So welcome! Paint Party Malmö is an embodiment of my passon for bringing people together through fun and artistic experiences. In the whirlwind of daily life, I believe that embracing our artistic side is more than a leisurely escape – it’s a doorway to relaxation, mindfulness, and a powerful tool for boosting innovation and creative thinking.

So, whether you’re a parent with a little one, a group of friends seeking to express yourselves creatively, or a team ready for teambuilding with a twist, we’ve got the perfect canvas for your celebration! Let’s create unforgettable moments together – one stroke at a time!

Come in and say hello!

Paint Party Malmö is located at House of Mica Art Studio, Mastgränd 8, 211 77, Malmö.